Good Blog Post Titles: FREE TEMPLATES

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When trying to think of good blog post titles, there are a few things to consider. THIS IS IMPORTANT. I first want to remind you about how important it is to have a good title for your blog post for two reasons. Depending on the reason, this will extremely change what your title might be.

On social media, your title is the “bait” for potential readers. Also, your title is one of the main things that search engines are looking at to determine if your article is a relevant result to show to searchers. So, that being said, today I am sharing with you good titles to use for posts on social media. These titles are the ones that you would overlay on your images, or use in the the social post descriptions. This may not be the title that you use on the actual blog post if you are trying to rank for a position on the front page of a google search but if you are not trying to be found by search engine, rather seeking shareable/viral content, these are 20 titles that you might use.

Good Blogpost Titles: FREE TEMPLATES

  1. The key to a good _____ is easier than you think.
  2. [#] ways to get a perfect _____.
  3. Clever and easy solutions for _____.
  4. [#] Ways to make sure your _____ is not _____.
  5. _____! How did I not think of this sooner?
  6. How to completely change ______.
  7. All you ever wanted to know about _____.
  8. [#] New ways to __________.
  9. Bring your _______ to the next level with these [#] tips.
  10. _______. This will change your life.
  11. Insane ways to ________.
  12. [#] Steps to ______. Easy.
  13. Examples of ______ that will motivate anyone.
  14. Crucial _______ you should be doing right now.
  15. [#] essential things to know about ______
  16. Got a ______? Try these [#] tricks.
  17. How to ______ like a pro.
  18. [#] Meaningful ways to ________.
  19. Secret _________ that ________ doesn’t want you to know about.
  20. FREE ___________ for your next _______.

Good Blogpost Title Contents

Are you catching a pattern in the titles above? Once you learn this viral formula, there is no end to juicy titles. Your good blog post title (the juicy bait to catch readers) is a mixture of:

  • Address a problem
  • Provide a solution to make their life better in some way.
  • A number for better results ( like “Top 5 tips”, or “10 ways to”)
  • Emotion causing word (meaningful, scary, epic, handy, brilliant, toxic, foolproof)
  • Gifts

Try using one of these good blog post titlesĀ on your next blog post and see if your click rate goes up. Try making up some juicy (appropriate) titles in the comments!

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