Outsource Your Blog When You Can’t Afford To

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Outsource Your Blog Images

If you are not in a place that you can outsource your blog and hire a team just yet, hire an imaginary team. Whaaaa?! Yes. I am still talking about outsourcing your work. Imagine this. You just created a blog post about your 5 Best Calligraphy Tips. You are ready to publish but need a captivating image to go with it first. Instead of waiting for the next day when there is light coming in perfectly through your window, then taking 30 shots to capture the perfect picture of your hand holding a calligraphy pen, then photoshopping a watermark onto it, just buy a stock image in Canva.com FOR A DOLLAR. Simply add a watermark and a title and be done in less than 5 minutes. For most blog posts, this will be just fine (maybe even better)!

Besides, calligraphy is your passion, not photography right? Your audience will probably care more about the tips, not the fact that it is your hand in the picture. Now you can put your camera and daylight time to better use to make a quick YouTube video of your pen writing your favorite quote using the 5 tips that you just gave. That video can be used for all of your social channels giving you two things (image and video) to promote the same post. Basically, you paid a dollar to save an hour of work. Does that make sense?

Outsource Your Blog Design

Another way to pretend that you have a team is to use FIVERR.  Oh my goodness, you would not believe what you can buy for $5. A logo? Yep. A YouTube opener? You bet. Write a blog post? Uh Huh! If you have goals to meet and don’t have the means to pay someone hourly, this is an amazing way to outsource your blog. Who knows, maybe you will want to hire one of the freelancers eventually.

Outsource Your Blog Social Media

When it comes to social media, there are so many ways to take shortcuts. If you aren’t ready to hire a full-time virtual assistant to do all of your social media, highly consider investing in a few social schedulers to maximize the use of your time. My favorite scheduler is ViralTag (click this link to get a $15 credit. Woot!) because of a few sharing hacks that I will share soon.

If schedulers are used right, you can save so much time and get massive engagement on your channels. I have used these tools to schedule out a whole year of social posts. Can you believe that? And it didn’t take long at all. Also, remember to use the FREE Facebook scheduler to line up your posts for the week. You can do it in about an hour and save the energy creating 4 posts per day. Not to mention the time you will save daily not getting distracted. Honestly, who can get on Facebook and not get distracted? Am I right?

After your channels are all scheduled out, your only job is to engage with people. The fun part. Limit yourself to 30 minutes a day for all channels to like, comment, share, re-pin and then go get more done. All the promotion is done, so sit back and relax.

Outsource Everything Else

Decide what you love to do and do that. Basically, any other way you can outsource your blog workload, do it. Do what you love and stay happy with your online business. It is always worth the few dollars to save you time and to avoid dreading your job. Put a price tag on your time hourly and keep that in mind whenever you want “to do something yourself” to save some money. Ask yourself, am I really saving money?


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