Business Website Blogs Explained

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Business Website Blogs Explained for Business Owners

What is a business website blog?

Business website blogs are designated pages on a business’ website to post relevant new content in a feed for customers to read.

Why should I have a blog on my website?

There are countless reasons why we believe that every website should have a blog. Perhaps the most important reason is because it is a place for fresh content. Read more to see why this is so important.

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5 Reasons Your Business’ Website Needs A Blog:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – One of the factors that search engines use to determine the relevance of your website, is based on how frequently the site is updated. If you were to build a website with all the information that your customers need, then leave it stagnant, you would have less of a chance showing up in a search query above a business website that is updated on a regular basis.
  2. Announcements – Whether it is sales, promo codes, or events that you want your customers to know about, a blog post can be a great place to share day by day. If you are managing e-mail campaigns or social media accounts, blog posts can be a great landing page to share new news that can then convert to sales through links within the blog post.
  3. A logged history of the happenings at your business shows customers the commitment to service and can showcase the quality of your work. This can be a great place to show off your stuff, so when someone sends you a picture of how your product works for them, post it!
  4. Show your customers that you stay current within your niche. Be sure to give credible opinions on recent trends in your industry.
  5. Well written posts can encourage comments which creates opportunity for engagement. This communication starts a personal relationship with people that otherwise would have moved on to another website. Responding to them on your website’s blog will help them remember your business when they need you.

How often do I need to post on my website blog?

Posting frequency will depend on the business. As a business owner, you can choose what is realistic for your business’ website. You do not have to write a blog post every day, but keep it up to speed as frequently as possible. Remember to focus on quality of content, not quantity of blog posts.

What should I write on my blog? (This is key.)

Business website blogs, unlike personal blogs which tend to be randomized topics, should stay on topic. Blog posts should provide helpful, industry-specific content that gives readers a valuable takeaway. Show them that you are an expert by sharing your knowledge and expertise. The more value you can provide them, the more information, products and services they will come back for.

Encourage blog visitors to subscribe. This will give you a  targeted list of people who are interested in what you are providing and eventually selling. When it comes time for sales, your e-mail list is your go-to group.

Use your blog posts to opine on current industry topics. Show your readers that you are current. Start conversations in the comments. Comments can drive a lot of traffic, so make sure to reply.

Use images and videos to show how your products and services can help them.

What questions do you have about a maintaining business website blogs?

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