How do bloggers make money?

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Today, were going to cover the common question, how do bloggers make money. Let’s get into this.

How do bloggers make money?

There is a two main ways that a blogger can can categorize their revenue streams. The first one would be advertising and the second one would be product sales.



With advertising you can have ads on your website and get paid by advertisers for promoting their products. The most simple and common way to get ads on your website is to go through Google AdSense.  AdSense pays you per click. So depending on how many visitors you have per month and how many people have clicked on your ad, that is how much you could get paid. A good ratio that you could expect is about 2% of your visitors. 2 % of people click. Each click could average from about 10 cents to several dollars. In my niche, I was averaging about twenty-five to fifty cents. You can see, that unless you have large volumes of traffic, you will not get rich quick. You will want to have several revenue streams to increase you income. I will explain more on that topic through this post.

Ad Networks

Once you get a good amount of traffic to your website, you can become networked. Which means you would have an ad provider doing the ads for you. The main difference with a network is that you get paid per impression  instead of per click. This means, that you get paid even if your readers don’t click on the ad. By the way, “Impression” essentially means an “ad view”. If you have six ads on your website, as people scroll down and see all six ads you get 6 impressions on each page from that one person. If that same person clicks on to the next page, you can get even more impressions from the same person. Each advertiser may have rules about how many impressions they will pay for for any one website visitor, but your ad provider will keep track of all that for you.  Getting paid per impression is usually calculated per thousand impressions. If your traffics higher you can get a lot more money by having a network than by getting paid per click.  Something to note is that each ad provider will have its own traffic minimums to be a part of their program. The one that I have used for several years on other blogs, requires around 100,000 page views monthly to be a part of their network [to get an idea of what it would take].


When your traffic is coming steadily, you could  also chose to do your own ads using something called DFP. Now, [important] this is going to be based on your skill level and on what you’re willing to invest into this. This is an extremely tedious task to stack your ads and negotiate with media companies. DFP is not for the faint of heart, but for the coding geniuses. This might be a good option for you if you fit that description because ad networks take a percentage of what the brand is willing to pay so using DFP basically cuts out the middleman so you that you get ALL of the earnings that the brands are willing to pay.


Another way to make money in the ad category is doing sponsored posts. As you get traffic or as you join programs like IZEA, you may get noticed by Brands. They will contact you and offer you to mention or to review their products which is a form of advertising for them. You can make a decent amount of money based on your traffic. Even though there is no real chart that says how much you should be charging based on your traffic, a very simple formula is about $100 per 100,000 pageviews monthly. Remember, this is only an estimate. You could make five times that amount if you are lined up with an advertiser that fits your exact niche. For example, a cake decorating tool company would likely pay much more if your blog is all about cake decorating because they are advertising to the exact audience that they are seeking.

Ambassador Programs

Now if you develop a relationship with a brand and they like how you’re promoting their product, you may become a brand ambassador. They may pay you in free product, they may pay you per post or per social promotion or they may even give you a salary to always be promoting their products. This is something you would be negotiating with the brand and it varies depending on the program.

Product Sales

Moving on to the sales category. Product sales are another revenue stream that can earn your blog even more money.

I like to call myself an influencer instead of a sales person. The term influencer is a common phrase in the industry talking about people with a blog or a large social following.  As an influencer, you’re sharing your knowledge, expertise and opinion to selling with someone which often results in a sale. Most blogs can convert sales without “selling” anything.

Your Own Products

If you have your own product that you’re wanting to sell you can put a shopping cart right in your website or blog and there’s different ways to do this you can use woo-commerce or even just PayPal has its own very simple shopping cart that you can use.

Others Peoples Products

If you don’t have your own product or if you want to sell even more products the what you have to offer, you can do affiliate marketing for another company. Becoming an affiliate for a certain brand or company means that you get a commission anytime you send business their way. One of the great things about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to worry about the shipping fulfillment or the customer service. That falls on the company. That being said, you will want to make sure that you’re only referring to brands that you trust because your readers are trusting your opinion. Remember, if they have a negative experience with the brand you’re promoting then it looks bad on you, because you are the one that referred them. Keeping your readers happy is what keeps them coming back to you.

Digital Products

Another thing that you can sell on your website is digital products. This can be yours or it can be someone else’s. There are affiliate programs for digital products as well. It is easy to make money whey your create your own digital product. You put the work in up-front, then someone can buy for years to come. Because it is an instant download, you never have to think about it again. Unless you are using it as a capture for a sales funnel.

Blog Income Strategy

Something to consider when you’re setting up your revenue streams, is think about what you are doing for your end goal for your brand. If you’re doing mostly ads/advertising you’re sending customers away. You’re sending them to another product, they’re leaving your site. With ads, you’re losing future impressions to sell your own products.

A good goal is to start creating [relevant to your niche] products and placing them where you would normally see ads. That will keep them on your site. By doing that you are building your own brand and creating a perfect customer for you. As you collect subscribers, you can release your new products on your blog, via email blast, during webinars or even on your social media.

There’s many ways that you can make money on a blog. The common denominator for all of these revenue streams are a mention with a link.

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