BCH's Founder: Story

It all started when my husband and I had our first baby. We were starving students at the time and I wanted to leave my job to stay at home with our daughter. I needed a way to make money from home. I decided to get started.

I worked tirelessly during nap times and late in to the night trying to learn the secrets for making money with a blog. In a few short months, I grew a blog from ZERO followers to a half million page views, earning over $4,000/month. Not long after, I got hacked! I was new and naive. I did not set up my site securely. I didn't have the knowledge, capital or experience to fix it, so the site died. Rest in peace little money making machine. I started over.

I have built up several successful websites since then and have now decided that I like building web-businesses more than I like maintaining them. I love taking projects from ground zero to successful.

Recently, I sold my interest in my main money-making website and decided to help people with the "fun part". Let me help you build up your business with a solid foundation so that you can make the money that you want to.

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Basic Computer Skills, Knowledge of Social Media Techniques



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Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JAVA required.

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